Let’s Make it Wright – 10 Headaches We Cure for Landlords

Since 1998, we’ve been solving problems for landlords across Tyne and Wear.

Below are 10 of the most common issues and how we solve them.

  1. Sloppy Service. We only do lettings, which means we’re focused on ONE thing – ensuring our landlords’ properties are tenanted and well looked after.
  2. Poor Advice. We have been in business since 1998, and our team’s collective lettings experience spans more than 80 years, meaning we advise our clients expertly.
  3. Consistent Contacts. A problem many landlords report about letting agencies, especially larger corporate ones, is that their point of contact keeps changing. We don’t have that issue as we have minimal turnover with our ‘new girl’ joining us more than two years ago and other members of our team being with us since day one.
  4. Problem Tenants. This is a big concern for landlords, and while there’s never a total guarantee when it comes to tenants, there are ways to reduce the risk. We have a rigorous referencing system that looks at several critical factors, including financial position, previous rental history, and employment status.
  5. Distance. Some landlords find that living miles away from their rental property can cause issues. This is primarily down to not working with a local letting agency. We look after landlords from across Tyne and Wear, the North East, the UK, and beyond. Using technology, we ensure they are kept updated wherever they are in the world.
  6. Poor Maintenance. We keep on top of the condition of our landlords’ properties with thorough initial inventories and regular inspections.
  7. Repairs. Let’s face it, sometimes things get damaged or stop working. Solving repair problems is something we excel at, as we have a team of trusted local contractors with whom we have worked for many years. They are professional, skilled, and competitively priced.
  8. The Rental Minefield. There are more than 300 rules and regulations affecting the English rental market. Ignorance of them is not an excuse. We keep our landlords on the right side of the regulatory fence and ensure we keep them and their properties protected from potential problems.
  9. Feeling Ignored. The most common complaint from landlords about letting agents, according to industry body Propertymark, is poor communication. That’s never an issue for our landlords. We listen more than we talk, and we act on what’s said and what the landlord needs and wants.
  10. Trust Issues. When choosing a letting agent to work with, landlords can often find it hard to find one they trust. At Wright Residential, we have hundreds of happy landlords who entrust us with looking after their properties. Check out our reviews page, and we’d be happy to put you in touch with some of our delighted clients.

When you choose us, we’re confident you’re making the Wright choice (sorry, we couldn’t resist that pun).

Get in touch with us today for a free rental review, where we’ll look at your property and give you expert advice on how to present it, market it, manage it and get the best rent for it.


Having rented with seven different letting agents in Newcastle, no one comes close to offering the service and friendliness of Wright Residential...

Great agency - very helpful arranging viewings and fast and efficient process to agree tenancy. Very helpful with any snagging issues - their app is great to report issues and these are dealt with...